Serata Olive Oils

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The miracle of the olive trees that live the longest and survive until today by giving fruit.
In Mediterranean legends, its name is referred to as "Immortal Tree" or "Tree of Life".
The leaves of the olive tree are symbols of victory, wisdom, and peace.

About Us

Olive entered our lives in 2013 as two big eyes. We immediately planted an olive tree for this little boy, whom everyone calls “Olive Eyes”. So that its roots are as durable, useful, healthy and long-lasting as olives. And we named a small olive garden after him

"Bulut Zeytinligi"


50.000 m2

Over 2.000
Olive Trees

Natural Healthy


Let's start with a legend ...
According to the legend, Adam, who was expelled from heaven by eating the forbidden fruit with Eve, decides to ask God to forgive him and all humanity. He assigns his son Seth on this issue and sends him to the Garden of Paradise. The angel who guards the garden listens to Seth and gives him three seeds from the Tree of Goodness, saying that he should put the seeds in his mouth before burying his father. Adam dies shortly after and is buried in the Hebron Valley near Mount Tabor. The three trees that grow at the place where Adam is buried are “Olive”, “Cedar” and “Cypress”. Peace has been established between God and man. The olive thus became a symbol of peace.


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